Health Insurance Program
(Nabd for small and medium enterprises)

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NABD for small and medium enterprises program gives your employees and their families’ peace of mind. The program, which is in line with the Cooperative Health Insurance Council (CCHI) standard benefits, provides a wide network of health providers that meet the needs of your beneficiaries.

All Nabd for small and medium enterprises categories have a health benefit per person up to SR 500,000, covering all expenses related to medical reviews, diagnosis, and conditions such as Autism, Alzheimer’s and others, which are detailed in the benefits table attached to the offer.

Privileges of NABD for Small and Medium Enterprises Program

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Wide Medical network including hospitals, pharmacies and medical centers spread throughout the kingdom covering all health services to suit the needs of each member.

Direct payment of medical expenses.

SMS service for approvals.

24 hours call center helpline.

Quick response to requests for medical approvals.

Membership to Salamatak program.


Insurance program covers up to 500K SR


Dental Insurance Services 2000 SR cost


have a health benefit per person up to SR 500.000


24 hours call center helpline

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