Occupational Safety and Health

Out of the company's deep conviction in the principle of occupational safety and health, and in line with MEDGULF’s policy, the company implemented all standards, requirements, and procedures on all the company sites in order to ensure the safety of all the employees, workers and auditors. This is why, the company has adopted intensive and effective training programs related to occupational safety and health, for the purpose of consolidating a culture of health and safety among all employees, which will undoubtedly be reflected in the practices and behavior at the interpersonal level within the work environment and on the general behavior in the society. These training programs include, first aid and evacuation training, the usage of equipment in the proper work practices. In addition, the Health and Safety Committee, which is represented by 55 employees from all departments, conducts regular safety inspections on all company facilities.

Organizing a Covid-19 vaccination campaign for the employees

MEDGULF organized in cooperation with King Fahd Medical City, and with the support of the Ministry of Health, a vaccination campaign against Corona virus in order to reach a safe and Covid-free work environment, based on the company’s responsibility towards its employees. Therefore, MEDGULF considered the first insurance company to provide the first dose of the Corona vaccine to more than 350 employees.


“Tamenna w Tetmman” Campaign

One of our priorities is to implement programs and do initiatives that focus on our employees’ health and safety, including the allocation of a health bus for two days, in cooperation with the Health Education Department, to conduct a free and comprehensive examination with health and sports education for employees.


“Because you are the safety, be safe” Campaign

As a part of the company’s efforts to support social responsibility and health awareness programs, in cooperation with the Zahra Association, MEDGULF organized this initiative, coinciding with the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, aiming to increase the interest and awareness of early detection.


Honoring maintenance and cleaning workers:

This initiative intended to honor the cleaning and maintenance workers for their silent efforts for maintain the cleanliness of the work environment by rewarding them with sums of money to bring joy and happiness to their souls.

Training Program

The company encouraged the youth of Saudi Arabia, by developing their skills and applying the principle of equal opportunities. This resulted in opening up the opportunity for women to work and contribute effectively to the production process side by side with young men. This was executed by enrolling them into practical training programs in various technical and administrative areas for refining and developing their skills, so they can be integrated within the company’s workforce in various administrative, and production departments and sectors. During the year 2020, MEDGULF had more than 20 trainees within the various departments and divisions of the company as part of the Tamheer Cooperative Training Program.


Blood Donation

In cooperation with King Fahd Medical City, a blood donation campaign was launched for Medgulf employees
  • 100 donors (45,000 ml)

Women Empowerment

As the Kingdom enters a new era for women empowerment, MEDGULF is continuously working on creating opportunities for women to grow and progress and thus contribute to the change; and root the cultural programs and diversity in all the company’s work streams, and integrate it into all stages of the professional life from recruitment to leadership.
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